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Storytelling Organizations

National Storytelling Network

Storytelling Association of California

Storytelling Toronto

The Storytelling Center, Inc., New York City

Storytelling Festivals - California

Bay Area Storytelling Festival

Mariposa Storytelling Festival

Ojai Storytelling Festival

Sierra Storytelling Festival

Storytelling Festivals - National and International

National Storytelling Festival

Toronto Festival of Storytelling

Storytelling Resources

Aaron Shephard's retellings of folk tales, ready to tell or to use as Reader's Theater

American Folklore - folktales, myths, legends from U.S., Canada, Mexico

Andrew Lang's books on line

Australian Stories

British Myth, Legend and Folklore

Canadian Storytellers Directory

Catch the Storybug _ Karen Chace's web site which includes many resources, teacher resources, Storytelling Magazine articles and more

Folklore and Mythology - Electronic Texts

Folktales Every Child Should Know

Generosity of Spirit: Myths and Folktales

Hasidic Stories

Healing Story Alliance

Internet Sacred Text Archive

Love Deities in Greek Mythology

Mother Goose Rhymes

Mythology, Fariy Tales, Sacred Texts, Folklore, Holidays, and more

Nasreddin Hodja


Public Domain Resources

Spirit of Trees - folktales and myths

Stories for Holidays

Story Lovers World - a compendium by topic of stories and story references

Storytelling - current articles on how storytelling is being used as an effective communication tool

Storytell Listserv - storytellers from around the world join in conversation, questions, and announcements

Storytelling in the Classroom

Storytelling in Schools - summary of research demonstrating effectiveness of storytelling in schools

SurLaLune Fairy Tales - 49 annotated fairy tales

Tim Sheppard’s Storytelling Resources

The Internet Sacred Text Archive - religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric

The Online Books page

The Ultimate Storytelling Guide - lots of ideas on how to be an effective storyteller

Zensufi Park - zen and sufi stories